If you are reading this blog post from outside of the Lytham Hall Park, please spare one moment to leave the pupils a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Once approved, each comment will be shown to the pupils and they will be encouraged to reply to you. This will really help the pupils understand that there is a genuine audience out there to write for.



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We are online safety gurus in Year 4 Park. Comment below with your best tips for staying safe online.

Wow! What talent we have in Y4P! We had gymnasts, actresses, singers and more! Congratulations to Betsie who acted out a piece called ‘The Ugly Step Sister Speaks Out,’ and The Minnies, aka Alfie and Georgia who sang Castle on the Hill. These two acts will be representing 4P in the talent show next Wednesday! #TEAM4P

Well done everyone!

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We have had a fabulous afternoon with Carol, who helped us bring the Ancient Greeks to life! The children got all dressed up as members of the Greek society and were able to act out special stories from Greek history and hold artefacts. Thank you History Alive for a great and interesting afternoon.

Comment below what your favourite part of the afternoon was.

Sun Safety

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We were luckily enough to have Miss Allen in talking about Sun Safety. Comment below with some top tips for keeping safe in the sun.

Forest Schools

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Miss Singleton was lucky enough to join in with one of the forest school sessions today. She was astounded with how inventive the children were! They had to invent their own assault course! See the video to watch the assault course in action!

Comment below with what your favourite thing about forest schools is.

Can you help Nedd?

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Nedd is feeling unhealthy and as a result feels very sad.

His Lifestyle

He goes on one half an hour walk a week.

For his breakfast, he eats a croissant with chocolate spread.

For lunch, he typically will eat a burger and chips, followed by a blueberry muffin.  For his tea, he will eat a ready meal curry. Throughout the evening he will snack on biscuits.

Throughout the day, he drinks orange juice.


Where is he going wrong? How can he lead a healthier lifestyle?

Can you design a balanced meal plan for Nedd to eat on a typical day?


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Our success criteria for writing an introduction to a holiday brochure was the following:

-Persuasive Language

-Rhetorical Questions

-Desceiptive Language

-Directing the reader ( YOU)


The children worked in the triads to improve a boring introduction. Here is an example of two improvements. What do you think? Have they used the success criteria to help them? Which features have they used? Which sentences or phrases do you like? Where could they improve?

Please comment below with some feedback. Year 4 Park would love to hear it.

Extreme Biking

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Wow! What a morning we have had in KS2. Danny and Aaron came in and put on a spectacular Extreme Biking show for us. As we watched on in awe, the friendly, talented men performed their best tricks, including jumping onto a car! It was great to hear the passion they had for the sport and as it is Healthy Eating Week in school, it was the perfect inspiration for us to follow our passions, get outside and do sport! Thank you for a wonderful morning.

Leave a comment about what you liked about the show.

By Georgia

The Lytham Hall Park election results are in! As the votes were so close, we have decided to go with two winners! Well done Eleanor and Anya who will be joining together to form a coalition.

What is a coalition? Why does it happen?

Which policies did you like from these two girls? How do you think they could join their policies together?

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